From Raspberry-like to Dumbbell-like Hybrid Colloids through Surface-assisted Nucleation and Growth of Polystyrene Nodules onto Macromonomer-modified Silica Nanoparticles


Colloidal particles with a controlled morphology combining both organic and inorganic parts were synthesized through a seeded emulsion polymerization process. Silica seed particles (from 50 to 150 nm in diameter) were first surface-modified by the adsorption of an oxyethylene-based macromonomer. Then, emulsion polymerization of styrene was carried out in presence of these particles, the formation of polystyrene nodules being highly favored at the silica surface in such conditions. The ratio between the number of silica seeds and the number of growing polystyrene nodules appeared to be one of the key parameters to control the morphology of the final hybrid nanoparticles. When this ratio is close to 1, original hybrid dumbbell-like nanoparticles were mainly obtained.

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The authors are very grateful to Michel Martineau and Elisabeth Sellier (Centre de Ressources En Microscopie Electronique et Microanalyse, Talence, France) for their help in the TEM observations.

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