Layered Double Hydroxides as a Matrix for Luminescent Rare Earth Complexes


In the present work new luminescent materials with high quantum efficiencies based on layered double hydroxides (LDH) were obtained. Intercalation of complexes into the interlayer space of LDH doesn't affect their luminescent properties, forming non-volatile solid state material with good optical properties. The Coulomb interactions between LDH layers and complex can result in a change of complex structure in comparison with free complexes and in decreasing the number of the organic ligands per Ln atom. The energy transfer in the system was also studied.

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The authors would like to thank T. Justel (Philips Research Laboratories) for luminescence decay measurements. This work was partially supported by “Leading Scientific Schools” program (2033.2003.3), Euler scholarship (DAAD), and grant from the President of the Russian Federation for young candidates of science (2274.2003.03). AAE would like to acknowledge the support from Haldor Topsoe and LG Chemical.

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