Ambipolar injection in a submicron channel light-emitting tetracene transistor with distinct source and drain contacts


Over the last decade, organic semiconductor thin film transistors have been the focus of many research groups because of their potential application in low-cost integrated circuits. Recently, an organic light-emitting field-effect transistor (OLEFET) was reported. In an OLEFET structure, optimal injection of both holes and electrons into the light-emitting layer are required for maximum quantum efficiency, whereas the gate serves as a controlling electrode. In this work, we achieved an OLFET structure with interdigitated hole-injecting Au and electron-injecting Ca contacts within a submicrometer channel length. Both contacts are bottom contacts to the upper-lying tetracene organic semiconductor. The study of IV-characteristics and light emission from these devices shined light on the underlying physics of the OLEFETs.

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This work is funded within the EU-IST-FET program under project IST-33057 (ILO). The authors want to thank R. Schmechel, M.A. Loi and M. Muccini for interesting scientific discussions. One of the authors (JR) wants to thank the Flemish IWT-fund for his scholarship.

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