Impact Properties of Hot-Worked Gamma Alloys with BCC β-Ti Phase


Impact resistance of a hot-forged TiAl alloy with a composition of Ti-42~44Al-5~10M: M=V, Mn(at%), consisting of lamellar, γ and β grain of which the hot-workability was improved by introducing β phase, has been investigated using an instrumented Charpy impact test, tensile test at high strain rate and foreign object attack test. In instrumented Charpy impact test the absorbed energies for crack initiation and propagation were measured, and the effect of microstructure on the absorbed energies has been analyzed, by paying attention to the grain size, interlamellar spacing and lamellar area fraction. In tensile test at high strain rate, the dependence of strain rate of hot-extruded TiAl alloy is obtained and compared with that of Nickel based superalloy, Inconel713C. In foreign object attack test with taper plate specimen modified turbine blade and brass ball as foreign object, the relation between impact damage and thickness of specimen at attack point is investigated. A limit of impact energy, at which there isn’t a crack on buck of attack point, is obtained with each thickness about hot-forged TiAl alloy, Ti-42Al-5Mn. Therefore, the method of improvement of toughness and assessment of impact resistance of TiAl alloy is shown in this study.

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