In-Situ Infrared (IR) Detection and Heating of the High Pressure Phase of Silicon during Scratching Test


A novel method of in-situ detection of the high pressure phase transformation of silicon during dead-load scratching is described. The method is based on the simple fact that single crystal silicon is transparent to Infrared light while metallic materials are not. Infrared heating during scratching has been performed to thermally soften and deform the transformed metallic material and some promising results were obtained. The sample material used here is silicon, but the same approach can be applied to germanium and other materials, such as ceramics (SiC), which have appropriate optical properties.

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The authors acknowledge the support from National Science Foundation Focused Research Group program, DMR #0203552 and #0403650, Lynnette Madsen Program Director. The authors would also like to thank Jay Mathews (Digital Optics Corporation, Charlotte, NC,28262) for technical help and Scott Williams, M. Yasin Akhtar Raja (Optical Center, UNCC, Charlotte,NC,28223) for laser equipment.

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