1MeV electron irradiation effects of GaAs/Si solar cells


The characteristics of 1 MeV electron irradiated GaAs solar cells grown on GaAs and Si substrates are studied under dark and AM 0 conditions. The short circuit currents (Isc) for GaAs/GaAs cell and GaAs/Si cell have been decreased at higher fluences. The degradation rate of Voc and Pmax for GaAs/Si is slower than that of GaAs/GaAs at the fluence 1×1016 cm−2. This is due to the high radiation resistance of saturation current. It has been due to slow generation of arsnic vacancies related defect (VAs) in the GaAs/Si solar cell, which is determined by photoluminescence analyses and deep level transient spectroscopy.

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One of the authors (N.Chandrasekarn) great fully acknowledges the Japanese Government for the award of Japanese Government scholarship. This work was supported by 21st COE program of Nagoya Institute of Technology.

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