Elevated Temperature Mechanical Properties of Devitrified Metallic Glass


Elevated temperature tensile tests of different microstructures arising from different heat treatments of the Fe-based metallic glass Vitroperm (Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si15.5B7) are presented. An anneal at 600°C for 1h yields a single phase α-Fe microstructure with equiaxed, randomly oriented 15 nm grains, which is an ideal candidate for study of material properties at diminishing length scale. This microstructure has good stability during tensile testing at 600°C, showing a strain rate exponent correlating to grain boundary sliding (m=0.5), but little ductility, and strengths to 1250 MPa. The brittle behavior could be attributed to the lack of dislocation activity at such length scales. At temperatures up to 725°C, grain growth occurs, leading to elongations as large as 65% at flow stresses of 250 MPa. Precipitation of a second Nb-rich phase accompanies the grain growth. This investigation is supported by NSF, Division of Materials Research, grant NSF-DMR-0240144.

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The authors would like to acknowledge the National Science Foundation, Division of Materials Research for its financial support under grant NSF-DMR-0240144.

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