Evaluation of Interface Strength between a Copper Submicron Dot and Silicondioxide Substrate


An experimental evaluation method of interface strength between ductile submicron-dots and a hard substrate is developed. The validity is examined with copper (Cu) cylindrical dots of submicron scale on a silicondioxide (SiO2) substrate. A hard-layer of tungsten (W) is employed to restrain the deformation and concentrate the stress near the free-edge of Cu/SiO2. A diamond tip is dragged horizontally along the SiO2 surface and the load is applied to the side edge of the W layer at a constant displacement rate using a modified atomic force microscope. Both the lateral and the vertical loads and displacements are continuously monitored during the test. After the tip hits the W layer, the lateral load, Fl, increases almost proportionally with the lateral displacement, δ1. The Cu dot with the W layer then is clearly separated from the SiO2 along the interface. The restraint by the W layer works well so that there are little damages in both the delaminated W/Cu dot and the substrate. The delamination lateral load, FlC, is successfully evaluated.

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This paper is supported in part by the Center of Excellence for Research and Education on Complex Functional Mechanics (COE program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan) and by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research of (B)(No.13555026) of Japan Society of the Promotion of Science.

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