Fabrication of Ordered Sub-Micron Topographies on Large-Area Poly(Urethane Urea) by Two-Stage Replication Molding


It has been established that material surface topography can have a significant effect on biological cell adhesion, in the absence of changes in surface chemistry. Such investigations were typically performed using surface features with size on the order of microns, comparable to the dimensions of the cells. It has been demonstrated that sub-micron sized topographies that cannot be created via contact lithography also influence cell behavior. The ability to affect cell adhesion is a prime consideration in the development of novel biomaterials. This study reports a two-stage replication molding process for fabricating ordered sub-micron sized features over a large area of biomedical polyether(urethane urea). Such a technique has great applicability in the area of long-term implantable materials as a method for influencing cell-material interactions.

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This research was supported by a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Tobacco Settlement Grant and the Dorothy Foehr Huck and J. Lloyd Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences. The Authors would like to acknowledge the assistance of Prof. Gerald Hess (Messiah College, PA) and Mr. T Rusnack (Pennsylvania State University Materials Characterization Laboratory) and the Pennsylvania State University Nanofabrication Facility for assistance in the preparation and characterization of samples.

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