Synthesis of Co@Au core-shell nanoparticles in non-aqueous solution and their characterization


A homogeneous non-aqueous solution reactions method has been developed to prepare gold-coated cobalt (Co@Au) nanoparticles. After the sample was washed with 8% HCl, XRD (X-Ray Diffraction), TEM (transmission electron microscopy), and magnetic measurements SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) are utilized to characterize the nanocomposites. XRD shows the pattern of sample, which is responding to gold and cobalt, no cobalt oxide was found. TEM results show that the average size of Co@Au nanoparticles is about 10 nm and we can find core-shell structure of the sample. SQUID results show that the particles are ferromagnetic materials at 300K. So the gold-coated cobalt nanoparticles (Co@Au) can be successfully prepared by the homogeneous nonaqueous approach. This kind of core-shell materials is stable in acid condition, which would give many opportunities for bio- application.

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