Ni nanoparticles elaborated with an Ar ion polishing technique.


Ni nanoparticles where obtained from a Ni sample milled with Ar ions by using a Gatan precision ion polishing system, normally used for Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) sample preparation. Deposition of Ni nanoparticles was performed over two different surfaces: on a double sided carbon tape and, on a Cu grid covered with collodion film. A continuos film of Ni was characterized, over the carbon tape by SEM and EDAX techniques. The last surface was analysed by TEM. In both cases, a thin film composed of Ni nanoparticles, was founded and result obtained by TEM, show a nanoparticle diameter of about 4 nm.

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Authors express their gratitude to Jorge Hernandez for his very valuable help along this work. Financial support from UANL and CONACYT (Mexican Council for Science and Technology) is also recognised.

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