Enhancement of the Electrical Properties of ITO Deposited on Polymeric Substrates by Using a ZnO Buffer Layer


In this paper we present the effect of the insertion of a non-doped nanocrystalline zinc oxide/buffer layer on the electrical, optical and structural properties of indium tin oxide produced at room temperature by radio frequency plasma enhanced reactive thermal evaporation on polymeric substrates. The electrical resistivity of the ITO films is reduced by more than two orders of magnitude (4.5*10−1 to 2.9*10−3 Ωcm). From the Hall effect measurements it is observed that the large decrease associated to the electrical resistivity, is due to the increase associated to the Hall mobility. Concerning the optical properties no effect was observed, being the transmittance in the visible and near the infra red region always higher than 80%.

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The authors would like to acknowledge A. Lopes for the SEM analysis. This work is partially financed by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT-MCES) through the POCTI projects: ESE/35578, CTM/35440 and CTM/38924. One of the authors (EF) gratefully acknowledges the grant from Fundaçâo Luso Americana.

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