a-Si TFT OLED Fabricated on Low-Temperature Flexible Plastic Substrate


Active matrix organic light emitting diode (AM OLED) display fabricated on a flexible plastic substrates has a potential for being lower cost, lighter weight, lower power and highly rugged with superior image quality, compared to the current glass substrate based AM LCDs. Amorphous silicon (a-Si) technology offers the potential for fabricating the required active matrix backplanes on low temperature (< 150oC) plastic substrates for producing flexible AM OLED displays. We have developed low-temperature a-Si TFT processes, and backplane electronics designs to fabricate and successfully demonstrate AM OLEDs using 4”-size flexible plastic substrates. Flexible AM OLED test displays with sizes up to 2×2-inch and resolutions up to 80 cgpi equivalent have been designed and fabricated. The required enabling technologies and fabrication and evaluation of these displays are discussed.

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The author would like to thank Charles Chanley, Sonia Dodd, Jerry Roush, John Schmidt, and other members of the Technical Staff at Honeywell for their contributions to this work.

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