Electron-Transporting Thiophene-Based Semiconductors Exhibiting Very High Field Effect Mobilities


Organic semiconductors exhibiting complementary n-type carrier mobility are the key components for the development of the field of “plastic electronics”. We present here a novel series of oligothiophenes designed to improve performance and stability under electrontransporting conditions. Furthermore, the key structural features of these compounds allows additional modifications of the n-type conducting core to achieve material solubility and processability. Thin film transistor (TFT) devices were fabricated employing both vacuum- and solution-deposited semiconducting layers. Field-effect transistor measurements indicate that all the members of this new series are n-type semiconductors with mobilities and Ion:Ioff ratios approaching 1 cm2/(Vs) and 107, respectively. This family represents a key milestone in the design, understanding, and development of the next generation of highly efficient n-type OTFT components.

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We are grateful to DARPA (N00421-98-1187), ONR (N00014-02-1-0909) and to the NSF-MRSEC (DMR-9632472) program through the Northwestern Materials Research Center for the support of this research.

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