Pr4f occupancy and VB/CB band offsets of Pr2O3 at the interface to Si(001) and SiC(0001) surfaces


Resonant photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) at the Pr4d and O1s absorption edges is used to study the electronic properties at the interface of epitaxial grown Pr2O3 on Si(001).

In the electronic structure of bulk Pr2O3 the valence band (VB) states are predominantly of Pr6s and O2p atomic parentage. The contribution of Pr4f states are identified from the strong increase the VB features at the Pr4d resonances. The data at the O1s edge are caused by Raman scattering and resonant Auger decay and reflect the existence of CT complexes. They are the consequence of mixed valency caused by ligand-to-Pr4f charge transfer states. The decrease of their intensity is attributed to an increase in covalent bandwidth between the Ligand (O2p, Si3p) and Pr4f states. The CT complexes originally localized now become broadened and form gap states which fill the gap towards a metallic density of states. The metallic phase may be hindered upon alloying with SiO2 or other oxides

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The assistance of Dr.P.Hoffmann and the support of the Bessy staff is acknowledged. This work is supported by DFG (Schm 745 / 9 - 1).

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