MOCVD Processes for Electronic Materials Adopting Bi(C6H5)3 Precursor


MOCVD of Bi2O3 has been investigated using Bi(C6H5)3 precursor. The decomposition products obtained at various deposition temperatures were determined using in situ FT-IR analysis. Benzene was the main product formed in the heterogeneous decomposition of Bi(C6H5)3 at temperature lower than 450°C, while above 450°C typical products of the combustion of aromatic ring were observed. The effect of oxygen on the film composition and its role in the decomposition process was evaluated by XPS depth profiles. Moreover, preliminary studies on the initial step of the film deposition suggested that Bi2O3 nucleation rate depends upon precursor partial pressure.

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Authors gratefully thank the European Commission (IST–2000–30153–FLEUR contract) and MIUR (FIRS project) for financial support.

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