The Effect of Fluorine Implantation on Boron Diffusion in Metastable Si0.86Ge0.14


This paper investigates the effect of varying F+ implantation energy on boron thermal diffusion and boron transient enhanced diffusion (TED) in metastable Si0.86Ge0.14 by characterising the diffusion of a boron marker layer in samples with and without P+ and F+ implants. The effect of two F+ implantation energies (185keV and 42keV) was studied at two anneal temperatures 950°C and 1025°C. In samples implanted with P+ & 185keV F+, the fluorine suppresses boron transient enhanced diffusion completely at 950°C and suppresses thermal diffusion by 25% at 1025°C. In samples implanted with P+ & 42keV F+, the fluorine does not reduce boron transient enhanced diffusion at 950°C. This result is explained by the location of the boron marker layer in the vacancy-rich region of the fluorine damage profile for the 185keV implant but in the interstitial-rich region for the 42keV implant. Isolated dislocation loops are seen in the SiGe layer for the 185keV implant. We postulate that these loops are due to the partial relaxation of the metastable Si0.86Ge0.14 layer.

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