Fabrication of p+/n Ultra Shallow Junctions (USJ) in silicon by excimer laser doping from spin-on glass sources


In this work was investigated a simple laser doping method employing doped oxide glass films as dopant source (up to 2.1021cm−3) which are deposited onto silicon by the spin coating technique. Both short (20 ns) and long (200 ns) pulse duration excimer laser beams were used to deposit a large amount of energy in a short time onto the near-surface region. Under suitable conditions, the irradiation leads to surface melting and dopant incorporation by liquid phase diffusion from the surface. Boron distribution profiles in the two pulses duration regimes were studied as well as their electrical properties, and the junction formation of less than 20 nm in depth was demonstrated.

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The authors would like to thanks Professor J.-C. DUPUY and C. DUBOIS of LPM-CNRS-INSA laboratory for performing SIMS analyses.

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