Measurements of Ultra-Shallow Junction (USJ) Sheet Resistance with a Non-Penetrating Four Point Probe


An accurate method to measure the four point probe (4PP) sheet resistance (Rs) of USJ Source-Drain structures is described. The new method utilizes Elastic Material probes (EM- probe) to form non-penetrating contacts to the silicon surface. The probe design is kinematic and the force is controlled to ensure elastic deformation of the probe material. The probe material is selected so that large direct tunneling currents can flow through the native oxide thereby forming a low impedance contact. Sheet resistance measurements on USJ implanted P+/N structures with SIMS junction depths as shallow as 15 nm have been measured. The sheet resistance values obtained with the new EM-probe 4PP method were found to be consistent with expectations. In this paper, the method will be demonstrated on a variety of implanted USJ structures.

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The authors are grateful to Epion Corporation for providing the P+/N USJ samples. We thank Dr. James Chen of Four Dimensions, Inc. for the Hg Four Point Probe measurements.

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