Dopant diffusion in amorphous silicon


In this work we investigate the diffusion of high-concentration ultrashallow boron, fluorine, phosphorus, and arsenic profiles in amorphous silicon. We demonstrate that boron diffuses at high concentrations in amorphous silicon during low-temperature thermal annealing. Isothermal and isochronal anneal sequences indicate that there is an initial transient enhancement of diffusion. We have observed this transient diffusion characteristic both in amorphous silicon preamorphized by germanium ion implantation and also in amorphous silicon preamorphized by silicon ion implantation. We also show that the boron diffusivity in the amorphous region is similar with and without fluorine, and that the lack of diffusion for low-concentration boron profiles indicates that boron diffusion in amorphous silicon is driven by high concentrations. Ultrashallow high-concentration fluorine profiles diffuse quite rapidly in amorphous silicon, and like boron, undergo a definite transient enhancement. In contrast, ultrashallow high- concentration phosphorus and arsenic profiles did not significantly diffuse in our experiments.

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