Ostwald Ripening in Two Phase Mixtures with Application to Rapid Solidification


Rapid solidification invariably results in fine-scale microstructures with concomitant fine-scale segregation. These microstructures, which are produced relatively far from equilibrium, have large, specific surface energies and tend to coarsen rapidly. Experiments were carried out on highly supercooled bulk specimens of elemental P4 in which the average temperature of rapidly solidified 2-phase mixtures was accurately monitored over time. A continuous rise in temperature toward the bulk melting point is always measured, independent of the volume fraction of solid produced at recalescence. New theoretical work outlined here shows that this temperature rise can be associated with the Ostwald ripening of the as-solidified solid-plus-liquid mixture. The new theory permits calculation of coarsening rates after recalescence and the distribution of dendritic particle sizes as a function of time. Implications for establishing limiting dendritic particle sizes are discussed.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge the support provided by the National Science Foundation, Division of Materials Research, under a special creativity extension of contract DMR 77 21638.

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