Thermodynamic Properties of Dilute Solutions of Hydrogen in Glassy PD.80SI.20


Equilibrium vapor pressures of dilute solutions of hydrogen in glassy Pd.80Si.20 have been measured from 10–90 C and at hydrogen pressures P of 1–100 torr. Under these conditions the ratio of hydrogen to alloy, x as determined by a volumetric method, reaches a maximum value of 0.0070. Over this range of x, the system exhibits a positive deviation from Sieverts’ Law; isotherms were analyzed in terms of Lacher’s modified statistical mechanical theory of hydrogen in palladium. The data were used to calculate relative partial molar enthalpies, excess entropies, and excess free energies for the formation of the solid solutions. The thermodynamic properties were found to vary with hydrogen content over the composition range studied.

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We are grateful for support of this work by the Army Research Office Durham, Contract DAAG-29-80-K-0088 under subcontract with M.I.T. One of us (R.S. Finocchiaro) extends thanks to the Polaroid Foundation Inc. for support under its Fellowship program with Northeastern University.

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