Reduction of Threading Dislocation Density in AlGaN by Indium Incorporation


The addition of indium, even to small concentrations, to AlGaN has resulted in improved optical and doping properties for these materials. This paper is the first report of improved structural properties for indium containing AlGaN layers. A systematic series of the AlGaN layers with nominal concentration of 20% aluminum were grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition with traces amounts of indium incorporated into the layers (up to 0.15% indium). X-ray diffraction analysis of the layers was completed using Williamson Hall plots and reciprocal space mapping to investigate any change in the columnar structure of the initial AlGaN layers. It was found that the threading dislocation densities and lateral coherence length showed a systematic variation with indium incorporation. The threading dislocation density is lowered as indium composition increased with a corresponding increase in lateral coherence length. This indicates that even the incorporation of trace amounts of indium improves the structural properties of these epilayers.

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This work was funded by DARPA (John Carrano) and ONR (Yoon-Soo Park) under contract number N00014-02-1-0596 as part of the SUVOS program.

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