Optical and Microstructural Characterisation of InN Grown by PAMBE on (0001) Sapphire and (001) YSZ


InN continues to be a topic of great interest, particularly with respect to the issues surrounding its bandgap energy. To further explore this material and its properties, we have grown 200–300 nm InN films by a plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy (PAMBE) technique on a variety of substrates, including (0001) sapphire, (100) InAs, and both (100) and (111) YSZ. Single-crystal films regardless of quality all show the commonly reported broad luminescence feature in the range of 0.7 to 0.8 eV, although we have also observed this feature in polycrystalline films. Growth on (100) InAs and (100) YSZ was motivated by a desire to explore cubic InN; in both cases growth appears to be initially cubic, but a mixture of hexagonal and cubic phases is detected in the final layer.

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This work was supported in part by New Economy Research Fund grant UOCX0212, the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, and the University of Canterbury. The authors would like to thank Dr. Alec Asadov and Prof. Wei Gao for performing x-ray diffraction, and G. Turner for his assistance with the MBE system.

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