Thermal Activation of Beryllium in GaN Grown by RF-Plasma Molecular Beam Epitaxy


Differences in the optical activity of Be in GaN epilayers grown on different surface polarities by rf-plasma molecular beam epitaxy are investigated. Nitrogen-polar GaN doped with Be exhibits a significantly higher intensity of donor-acceptor pair (DAP) photo-luminescence (PL) than similarly doped Ga-polar GaN, indicating the Be is incorporating at microscopically different sites, or possibly is forming different compensating complexes. Highly Be-doped Ga-polar GaN apparently forms isolated polarity-inverted regions which then incorporate Be via the N-polar mechanism resulting in the DAP PL. High temperature annealing of the Ga-polar layers both under nitrogen/hydrogen mixtures and under pure nitrogen atmospheres activates the DAP PL.

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We thank C. Y. Peng for assistance with the annealing studies. This work was supported by ONR Grants N00014-02-1-0974 and N00014-01-1-0571, both monitored by Colin E. C. Wood.

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