GaN quantum dot UV light emitting diode


The fabrication and evaluation of a UV light-emitting diode (LED) incorporating GaN quantum dots as the active layer is demonstrated. The GaN quantum dots were fabricated on an AlxGa1−xN (x~0.1) surface using Si as an antisurfactant. Exposing the AlxGa1−xN surface to the Si antisurfactant prior to GaN growth enabled the formation of quantum dots on a surface where growth by the Stranski-Krastanov mode would not be possible. A fairly high density of dots (1010−1011 cm−2) with controllable dot sizes was achieved. Room temperature luminescence at 360 nm was clearly observed during current injection (cw) into an LED structure including the GaN quantum dots. The origin of the electroluminescence is discussed by comparing it to photoluminescence measurements.

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We thank M. Kurimoto for technical assistance and discussion and A. Kaneda, Y. Kawakami, and Sg. Fujita for performing time-resolved PL. This work was supported in part by Grand-in-Aid (B) No. 13555083 from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan.

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