Growth Structure, and Optical Properties of III-Nitride Quantum Dots


Quasi-zero-dimensional (0D) semiconductors have been the subject of considerable interest which is stemmed from their unique physical properties which in turn are conducive to devices such as low threshold lasers and light polarization insensitive detectors, in addition to exciting basic physical phenomena. A laboratory analogue of 0D systems is semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) wherein the electronic states are spatially localized and the energy is fully quantized, loosely similar to an atomic system, making it more stable against thermal perturbations. In addition, the electronic density of states near the band gap is higher than in 3D and 2D systems, leading to a higher probability for optical transitions. Furthermore, the electron localization may dramatically reduce the scattering of electrons by bulk defects and reduce the rate of non-radiative recombination. Semiconductor based and metal based dots have been produced, the former via self-assembly and also by lithographic methods in many II-VI, III-V, and group IV semiconductor. The aim of this paper is focused on III-Nitride based quantum dots covering their production and optical properties, as well as reporting on the GaN quantum dots produced by molecular beam epitaxy utilizing standard, ripening, metal spray followed by nitridation methods.

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The VCU portion of this work was funded by grants from NSF (Drs U. Varshney, and L. Hess), and ONR (Dr. Y. S. Park), and AFOSR (Dr. G. L. Witt and T. Steiner). A. N. was supported by the Army Research Office and the National Research Council. The authors thank Prof. D. Huang and Dr. M. Reshchikov for useful discussions and contributions to the topic. M.K. would like to thank M. A. Renucci, J. Frandon and F. Demangeot (Toulouse) for use of their facility”

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