Synthesis of boron nitride nanolayers encapsulating iron fine particles and boron nitride nanotubes


Boron nitride (BN) nanolayers encapsulating iron (Fe) fine particles have been synthesized by annealing mixtures of hematite (α-Fe2O3) and boron powders at 1373 K for 2 hours in nitrogen atmosphere. The Fe particles had an average diameter of ~300 nm with BN nanolayers coating of ~10 nm. The α-Fe2O3 was transformed into Fe and then Fe-B on a process of annealing. The Fe-B was decomposed into Fe and BN, and consequently Fe particles coated with BN nanolayers were synthesized. They showed soft magnetic properties with coercivity of 1.5 kA/m. The BN nanolayers encapsulation was effective on improving oxidation resistance. BN nanotubes with diameter of ~100 nm were also synthesized as a resultant product by this method.

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