Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoarticles for Biomedical Applications: a focus on PVA as a coating


Nanoscaled particles showing a superparamagnetic behavior have been intensively studied these past years for biomedical applications and water-based ferrofluids turned out to be promising candidates for various in vivo as well as in vitro applications. Nevertheless, the lack of well-defined particles remains an important problem. One of the major challenges is still the large-scale synthesis of particles with a narrow size distribution. In this work iron oxide nanoparticles are obtained by classical co-precipitation in a water-based medium and are subsequently coated with polyvinyl alcohol. The thus obtained ferrofluids are studied and a focus is made on their colloidal stability.


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Part of this work was funded by the European MAGNANOMED project (EC contract GRD5-CT2000-00375).

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