A Scheme of Micromanipulation using a Liquid Bridge


This paper presents a scheme of micromanipulation with a liquid bridge and an analysis of the capillary forces involved. The following procedure is considered in this article: (a) PICK UP: a probe, with liquid in the tip, approaches the target object. (b) A liquid bridge forms between the object and the tip of the probe. (c) The object is picked up by means of the capillary force of the liquid bridge. (d) TRANSPORT: The probe ascends, moves to the target point, and descends towards a substrate. (e) PLACEMENT: At a given height, a second liquid bridge made from a drop previously applied at the target point on the substrate, forms between the object and the substrate. (f) The probe ascends and the probe-object bridge collapses.

The collapse can be predicted through the stability analysis of the bridge and its condition can be controlled by the regulation of the liquid volume. The liquid volumes required for the manipulation, in the first and second liquid bridge, are calculated in this paper.

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