Non-impact electrostatic micromanipulation by voltage sequence for time


This paper proposes how to determine a voltage sequence for time to realize a non-impact electrostatic micromanipulation by kinetic control of a detached particle. The system consists of a manipulation probe, a spherical microparticle, and a substrate plate. These objects are all conductive. The particle initially sticks to the probe tip due to adhesional force and is detached by the applied voltage. The force on the particle, which is generated by electrostatic interaction, is evaluated through a boundary element method. Although the numerical method is used, all the parameters are normalized. Based on the evaluation, we propose the simple method by accelerating and decelerating voltage, and clearly express the conditions of voltage and time by considering the total work to the particle during its flight. The discussion about the time reveals the feasibility of the method from the viewpoint of the through-rate of a power-source.

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