Structural and Spectroscopic Study of Langmuir-Schäfer Films of Bis Zn-Ethane-Bridged Porphyrins Dimer


Thin films (1-24 layers) of bis-zinc ethane-bridged porphyrin dimer (1) have been transferred on solid surfaces, by the Langmuir- Schäfer (LS) horizontal method. The related surface pressurearea isotherm curve shows that in dependence of the film pressure different condensed phases may occur in the monolayer. The inspection of the monolayer by Brewster Angle Microscopy (BAM) reveals the presence of peculiar networks whose structural features seemingly change upon film compression. On the other hand, the Scanning Force Microscopy (SFM) analysis performed on LS films shows fractal networks constituted by nanoscopic supramolecular aggregates, whose shape and size depend again on the LS deposition surface pressure. Finally, also UV-vis spectroscopy measurements indicates that the absorption is almost linearly related to the film thickness that is directly connected to the surface pressure.

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