The Effects of Structural Disorder on the Luminescence Quenching in Poly(phenylene vinylene)


Luminescence quenching experiments on oriented and drop-cast poly(phenylene vinylene), (PPV), films identify the excitons in these polymer films as Wannier-Mott excitons. The data are interpreted in terms of a distribution of exciton binding energies (Eb). We find that the width of this distribution is well correlated with the degree of structural disorder. The relatively small mean EbEb, approximately 60 meV, results in field-induced exciton disociation that limits the quantum efficiency obtained from polymer-based light emitting diodes (PLEDs) which typically are operated at applied fields of 106 V/cm or greater where the field-induced exciton disociation is significant. We present data and analysis that support these conclusions, as well as a discussion on the implications of our findings on polymer-based display technology.

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