EL Properties of Polyfluorene Copolymers Containing Hole-Transporting Carbazole Group


An alkoxyphenyl substitutued new polyfluorene derivative, poly(9,9-bis(4’-n-octyloxyphenyl) fluorene) (PBOPF) was synthesized through Ni(0) mediated polymerization. Blue light-emitting PBOPF shows peak PL at 426 nm. No significant excimer emission was observed even after annealing the polymer film at 100 oC for 2h. Aseries of random copolymers of 2,7-dibromo-9,9-bis(4’-n-octyloxyphenyl)) fluorene (BOPF) and 2,7-dibromo-N-(2’-ethylhexyl)carbazole (EHC) were also synthesized through Ni(0) mediated polymerization. Carbazole comonomer was introduced to improve hole-transporting properties of PBOPF. The synthesized poly(BOPF-co-EHC)s showed similar UV-visible absorption and PL emission to PBOPF. EL devices were fabricated in an ITO/PEDOT/polymer/Ca/Al configuration. The EL devices using copolymers showed improved device performance than the device using PBOPF homopolymer due to a more balanced charge transport.

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