Electrical Characterization of Vacuum Deposited and Solution Processed DH4T Thin Film Transistors


We present organic field-effect transistors with dihexylquaterthiophene (DH4T) as active material, a derivative of the oligothiophene á-4T with two hexyl chains as end groups. This substitution makes this molecule suitable not only for vacuum sublimation but also for solution processing which enables cheaper production. Additionally, the layer ordering is improved. We compare vacuum deposited and solution processed OFETs based on DH4T. The former ones show nearly ideal I-V characteristics. The latter ones show deviations from ideal behavior and lower currents. Furthermore, temperature dependent measurements of drain-source current in vacuum deposited DH4T-OFETs shows an unusual variation of the OFET apparent mobility. These apparent changes in mobility are caused by a threshold voltage shift, which becomes pronounced at around 290 K

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