A Multi-functional Introductory Materials Science Course: Emphasizing Engineering and Achieving Accreditation Objectives


In efforts to serve more engineering students and to achieve accreditation objectives, we have redesigned our introductory materials course to be more engineering-oriented and relevant to other disciplines. The fundamental materials science concepts have been regrouped into five, 2-week sections that emphasize applications: Materials Basics; Mechanical Strength; Thermo-mechanical Treatments; Electrical Properties; and Economic, Environmental and Societal Issues. Although the topics that are covered are similar to those in most introductory materials science courses, the presentation of the topics has been re-arranged to create clearer links between materials science and materials engineering. We have also identified accreditation criteria within each section and have built in mechanisms for providing feedback for accreditation processes. In addition, learning objectives for each section ensure standardization among different sections and instructors. Results on students’ performances are reported.

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