Detonation Consolidation of NiFe/SiO2 and Co/SiO2 nanocomposites


Consolidation of nanostructure magnetic particles is required not only for manufacturing bulk component, it is actually a fundamental requirement for obtaining novel magnetic properties from the material. Consolidation (assembly) of nanoparticles to full density without deteriorating their nanostructure (size and morphology) is a big challenge. Here we present the consolidation experiments of NiFe/SiO2 and Co/SiO2 nanocomposites via detonation consolidation. This approach is based on the explosive pressure created when an acetylene and oxygen mixture gas fires in a sample containing tube, the very high hypersonic propulsion force makes nanoparticles deposit onto the target. Depending on the powder morphology and operation conditions, the density of the consolidated sample can reach over 91of the theoretical density of the bulk materials. X-ray diffraction experiments on the samples before and after consolidation indicate that the denotation consolidations can be optimized such that it does not cause any phase transition. However, a particle size increase was observed. Static magnetic studies carried out on the samples before and after detonation operation shows that the saturation magnetization does not. This indicates that the operation does not cause an oxidation of the nanopowders. These experiments show that detonation approach is a good candidate for consolidating magnetic nanoparticles.

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