Preparation and Characterization of Metal Sulfide Electro-catalysts for PEM Fuel Cells


Ruthenium sulfide samples were prepared by flowing pure hydrogen sulfide into an aqueous solution of ruthenium chloride followed by further sulfidation in hydrogen sulfide. The final products were characterized by X-ray diffraction and crystallite-sizes were estimated from line broadening. The specific surface areas of catalysts were measured using the multipoint BET method and compositions were determined by thermogravimetric analysis. Ruthenium sulfide loaded gas diffusion electrodes were fabricated by a spraying technique and their electrochemical behavior studied. The electrochemical oxidation of hydrogen was investigated in a three -electrode cell using a ruthenium sulfide loaded gas diffusion electrode as the working electrode with humidified hydrogen containing small amounts of carbon monoxide. Results on the activity and the effects of carbon monoxide with reference to a standard platinum electrode measured at the same conditions show that ruthenium sulfide has a lower activity for hydrogen oxidation but is not susceptible to CO poisoning.

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