Discussion about non-Arrhenius behavior of high Li-ion conductor, (La,Li)TiO3


We investigated the dielectric properties of La0.53Na0.41-xLixTiO3 (x <0.26) and 7Li NMR for La0.53Na0.34Li0.17TiO3 (x=0.17). As results, relaxation process were observed at 40 K and 225 K for La0.53Na0.34Li0.17TiO3 (x=0.17). The activation energy of the dielectric relaxation at 40 K is in accordance with the that obtained by NMR measurement. On the other hand, the activation energy of the relaxation at 225 K accords with that of the Li ion conduction in the low temperature region for (La,Li)TiO3. These results indicate that different transport mechanisms intrinsically exist in (La,Li)TiO3 and one of reasons for the non-Arrhenius behavior of (La,Li)TiO3 is that the transport mechanism mainly related to the dc conductivity varies with the temperature.

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