Preparation of (La, Li)TiO3 Dense Ceramics using Sol-Gel and Ion-Exchange Process


Lithium ionic conductor, (La, Li)TiO3, has synthesized with La/Li-TiO2 amorphous spheres that were obtained by sol-gel and ion-exchange method, and succeeding La3+/Li+ partial ion exchange. In this work, La /Li ion exchange conditions were mainly investigated in order to obtain dense (La, Li)TiO3 ceramics that have highly ionic conductivities. La +/Li+ ion exchange behavior was changed with ion-exchange solutions, and the Li/Ti ratio was increased with an increase in ethanol/water ratio in the solvent used for La3+/Li+ partial ion exchange. The use of an adequate ethanol/water ratio resulted in La/Li-TiO2 amorphous spheres with the composition of La/Li/Ti=0.54/0.34/1.00, and sintering of the spheres at 1200°C for 5 h in air led to dense (La, Li)TiO3 ceramics which exhibit the conductivity of 4.0 × 10-3 S cm-1 at 25°C.

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