Recrystallization of Implanted LPCVD Amorphous Si Films Using Rapid Thermal Annealing


The effect of rapid thermal annealing on the crystallization of arsenic and boron implanted amorphous silicon films is studied. Amorphous Si films of 4000 Å were deposited using LPCVD and implanted with arsenic or boron to doses of 5 × 1013, 5 × 1014, and 5 × 1015 cm−2. These films were then annealed using an Eaton Nova-400 RTA system (with temperature ranging from 900 to 1200 °C and dwell time ranging from 1 to 30 sec). The annealed films were studied using transmission electron microscopy, Hall effect measurement and temperature coefficient of resistance measurement. The optimal annealing conditions for the films were found.

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