Comparative Studies of Thin-Film Ti-Si and Ti-SiO2 Rapid Thermal Reactions Using the RIP/TEM Technique


One requirement of self-aligned microelectronics metallization processes is selectivity of reactions, e.g., a deposited, thin metal film must react with Si to form a silicide, yet avoid reaction with SiO2 Rapid thermal processing (RTP) techniques may enhance selectivity by utiliz-ing differences in competing reaction kinetics. In this paper, we apply the RTP/transmission electron microscopy (RTP/TEM) technique to determine processing temperature (T)/time (t) “win-dows” for selective sulicide formation in Ti-Si vs Ti-SiO2 reactions. Free-lying Si/Ti/Si and SiO2/Ti/SiO2 films deposited on electron microscope grids were RTP'd in pairs and immediately examined by TEM. The products of the interfacial reactions, their sequence of appearance, and the T/t conditions for silicide nucleation and growth in each system are described.

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