Titanium-Silicon Interactions During Ion Beam Irradiation


As* ion beam irradiation of thin titanium (∼300Å) films deposited on silicon substrates at sufficiently high dose and energy has been shown to induce an athermal thin film reaction (as evidenced by insenstivity of the reaction to irradiation current) leading to the formation of a homogeneous titanium subsilicide phase with an extremely smooth interface to the underlying silicon. RBS indicates a stoichiometry of Ti3Si4 for this silicide phase. Subsequent rapid thermal annealing (RTA) of this silicide results in the incorporation of additional silicon leading ultimately to the formation of the stable C-54 TiSi2 phase. Silicided junctions fabricated using a ion beam irradiation show improved sheet resistance uniformity and leakage characteristics when compared with those fabricated using the conventional RTA salicide process.

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