Ion Implantation and Annealing of Oxides


Ion implantation damage and annealing results are presented for a number of crystalline oxides. In A12 O3, the amorphous phase produced by ion bombardment of the pure material first crystallizes in the (crystalline) γ phase. This is followed by the transformation of γ-Al2 O3 to α-A12O3 at a well defined interface. The activation energy for the growth of α alumina from γ is 3.6 eV/atom. In CaTiO3, the implantation-induced amorphous phase transforms to the crystalline phase by solid-phase epitaxy (SPE). ZnO is observed to remain crystalline even after high implantation doses at liquid nitrogen temperatures. The near surface of KTaO3 is transformed to a polycrystalline state after implantation at room temperature or liquid nitrogen temperature.

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