Excimer Laser Processing of Crystalline Iron-Boron Alloys


Crystalline Fe-B alloys in the concentration range of 5–25 at. pct. boron were processed by slightly (∼5%) overlapping single pulse XeCl excimer laser. The influence of the initial microstructure and phases upon the structure that results after laser processing (LP) were studied. The specimens were made by a rapid solidification procedure that permits readily glass-forming alloys to be obtained with structures ranging from fully amorphous to fully crystalline. The technique is briefly described. Two crystalline specimens of Fe-20 pct. boron, one in the as-cast condition and the other annealed, were laser treated. While the melted layer of the former was amorphous, the latter remained crystalline, exhibiting a similar phase content as before irradiation. Observations of both samples by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) prior to LP revealed a difference in particle size of one order of magnitude. A mathematical model of diffusion is developed for studying the homogenization process. It is concluded that the time for diffusion in the liquid state in the sample containing the larger particles is insufficient for homogenization to occur. Similar results regarding the influence of particle size were obtained with all the other samples.

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