Preparation and Photoactive Characterization of Tube-shaped Al-doped ZnO Ceramics.


Tubular Al-doped ZnO particles were prepared by homogeneous precipitation in the mixed solutions of Al(NO3)2, Zn(NO3)2, sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) surfactant and urea. At the molar ratio of Metal ions(Mt): SDS: urea: H2O is 1: 2: 20: 60, tubular products formed by heating at 80°C for 12 h. Plate like ZnO particles were obtained at Mt: SDS: urea: H2O = 1: 2: 10: 60 or 1: 1: 20: 60. The diameter of typical ZnO tube is ca.100 nm, and the length of tube is about 600nm (aspect ratio = 6). The relative surface area of tubular Al-doped ZnO is ca. 40.2 m2/g. The photo-decomposition rate of NO3- ions using tubular Al-doped ZnO particles was higher than standard TiO2 photo-catalysts (P-25) by irradiation >290nm light in 10mM KNO3-10vol%EtOH solutions at 30°C. The obtained materials showed DC conductive properties as compacted substrate by sintered at 400°C.

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