Synthesis and Characterization of Electrostatical Self-Assembly CdSe/Polymer Nanocomposite Films


Using a novel electrostatic self-assembly (ESA) method to incorporate CdSe quantum dots into polymer we have successfully synthesized ultrathin films. This method allows the molecular-level thickness control and layer-by-layer formation of multilayer thin and thick films using alternative anionic and cationic molecular solution dipping. From ellipsometric measurements, we obtained that the thickness of per bilayer is around 3.7 nm. UV-vis absorption spectra versus the number of bilayers have also been obtained using an Hitachi 2001 spectrometer. The size of CdSe quantum dots has been measured using transmission electron microscopy before the CdSe quantum dots are incorporated and confirmed using atomic force microscopy after the formation of the film, respectively. Both measurements indicate that the diameter of the CdSe quantum dots is 2-3 nm. Xray photoelectron spectroscopy indicates that the concentration of the CdSe quantum dots in the film is 2.14%.

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