Incorporation of Rare-Earth Complexes in α-Zirconium Phosphate Layered Matrices via Pendant Amino Groups


Amino-substituted rare-earth complexes (p-LnNH2DBM and m-LnNH2DBM with Ln3+ = Eu3+, Y3+) are intercalated in the interlayer region of a a-zirconium phosphate lattice to give luminescent hybrid lamellar materials. The preparation of the organic precursors and of the derived organic-inorganic materials is reported. XRD studies show that the hybrid compounds retain a layered structure and FTIR spectroscopy is used to monitor the intercalation reaction. The acid/base interactions between the NH2 functions and the pendant P-OH groups induce an important blue-shift of the absorption maximum of the organic molecule. The Eu3+ luminescence properties are investigated before and after intercalation of the organic complexes in the a-ZrP host structure and the optical characteristics of the para and meta derivatives are also compared.

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