Control of Hierarchically Ordered Positive and Negative Replicas of Wood Cellular Structures by Surfactant-Directed Sol-Gel Mineralization


We here report the synthesis of ordered ceramic materials with hierarchy produced by an in-situ mineralization of ordered wood cellular structures with surfactant-templated sol-gel at different pH. At low pH, a silicic acid is coated onto inner surface of wood cellular structure and it penetrates into pores left, where degraded lignin and hemicellulose are leached out, to form a positive replica, while at high pH the precipitating silica particles due to fast condensation clog the cells and pit structures to form a negative replica of wood. The calcined monoliths produced in different pHs contain ordered wood cellular structures, multi-layered cell walls, pits, vessels well-preserved with positive or negative contrasts, respectively. The surfactant-templated mineralization produces ordered hexagonal nanopores with 20Å in the cell walls after calcination.

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