Elastic Properties of Calcium Oxide Perovskites


The equations of state and axial moduli of the CaBO3 perovskites (B=Zr,Sn,Ti,Ge) and CaFeO2.5 with the brownmillerite structure have been determined using high-pressure, singlecrystal X-ray diffraction. The bulk modulus-specific volume relationship for the Ca-perovskites is nonlinear, with CaSnO3 and CaZrO3 displaying anomalous stiffening (higher bulk moduli) than previously reported and predicted [1,2]. The axial moduli of the a- and c-axes decrease steadily by ~30% from the least-distorted of the Pbnm perovskites, CaGeO3, to the most distorted, CaZrO3, while the b-axis shows little change. The net result is a threefold increase in the anisotropy of the axial moduli of CaSnO3 and CaZrO3 (~21%) relative to CaGeO3 and CaTiO3 (~4-8%). The bulk modulus of CaFeO2.5 falls significantly below the trend for the stoichiometric perovskites. The introduction of 1/6 vacancies on the oxygen positions softens the perovskite structure by 25%.

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